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Health and Safety Protocols

At Costa Linda we are committed to offer extraordinary vacation experiences, this includes that both guests and Staffs are safe in our facilities. It is also our commitment to comply with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the country's government entities and international organizations in relation to contingency care by COVID-19.
We have updated our protocols to ensure that both our Guests, Staffs and anyone who visits our facilities is in a safe environment with the least possible risk of contagion in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We are requesting owners to confirm their arrival.
  • We are requesting all owners to pre-register prior to their arrival in the comfort of your home.  By pre-registering you will help reduce the check in-time, https://www.costalinda-aruba.com/membersarea/pre-registration.asp
  • We ask guests and Staffs to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact.
  • Aruba is known as "One Happy Island" with our culture of warm hugs and kisses, during this time We have implemented as a "Costa Linda Greeting" offering a sincere smile and placing a hand on our hearts, since even if we are physically far from each other, it is very important to promote an environment of kindness and courtesy.
  • Only one member of the family is required at the front desk for the check in process to avoid agglomeration and to adhere to the required social distancing safety protocols.
  • Only registered guests are allowed on property, this is to maintain a minimum amount of people on property, unit number and name will be requested upon entry.
  • Colored wristbands issued by front desk must be worn at the property by all registered guests.
  • Proper Face Coverings required for Entry and Selected Areas, mask are required at the Front Desk and Enclosed places with A/C such as Offices, Elevators and Concessionaires. We're all in this together.
  • Signage indicating where to stand to enforce social distancing have been installed around the property and we respectfully request all visitors to follow these accordingly.
  • At the main entrance hand sanitizer is provided to all visitors before entering the lobby and sanitizing gel stations will be present in public areas.  We highly recommend proper hand hygiene.
  • Deep Preventative cleaning and sanitization is done in all public areas on a continuous basis, this includes all touchpoints such as door handles, elevator buttons, counters, phones and handrails.
  • Housekeeping Room Service is not given on Saturdays or day after check-in, Saturday Service is only provided upon request if guest shows a negative test result.
  • Housekeeping Room Service during the week (Mon-Fri) is available but only upon request and must be requested a day in advance, we apologize but cannot provide same day request.
  • There is a mandatory day of Service during the week, this must be either Wednesday or Thursday of each week, note this is to keep the Resort to standard.
  • During the cleaning of rooms, or maintenance request guests are requested not to stay in the room in which the cleaning or request is being carried out; in order to guarantee a healthy distance. 
  • All personnel will use face masks or face shields when entering rooms, or in contact with guest.
  • The Pen, Notepad, Resort tips, Costa Linda Magazine and Inventory list are removed from the in-room amenities but are available upon request.  QR codes are on the TV stand for In Room Magazine, Inventory list and Restaurant Menu.
  • A hygiene kit is included in the room, which includes: 1 bottles of antibacterial gel, and 6 disposable face mask.
  • The checkout time has been moved to 11:00 a.m. in order to properly disinfect the room.
  • The Beach chairs will be stacked in the back of Beach after cleaning process is completed, only chairs used by guest will be under palapas, at the end of each shift beach boys will clean and disinfect each chair and stack them up at the back.
  • The pool furniture (lounge chairs, and chairs) has been redistributed to ensure a distance of at least 1.5 meters between families or groups of guests.
  • The maximum capacity per elevator is 3 people.
  • Activities has been limited and decreasing the capacity of the groups as appropriate.
  • Gym will be set up according to COVID19 safety guidelines, machines and equipment closer that the 6 ft. will be placed out of order.
  • Gym is limited to 1 hour per guest with a maximum of 7 persons in the gym.
  • Water Coolers on the beach and property have been placed out of order.
  • Cy Holley Suite - No more than 25 chairs to be set up and 30 persons maximum in the room, including presenters
  • Temperature test will be carried out at lobby for all Owners and Guest.
  • Mandatory Body temperature of all staff, concessionaires, contractors and vendors is monitored by security upon arrival at each shift.
  • Security to ensure that all staff, concessionaires, contractors and vendors washes their hand prior to entering premises and take the mandatory body temperature test.
  • All concessionaires are require to follow the protocols of Costa Linda plus those of the Health Department and must obtain their Clean Seal.


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