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Phone calls

Phone calls from Costa Linda Beach Resort

  • Room to Room
    Simply dial the room number. To call a lock-off part of a three-bedroom suite, simply dial the first number of the room twice: e.g. to call room 1009-A, you will need to dial 1109. To call 5009-A, you will need to dial 5509.

  • Local Calls
    Please dial 9 for an outside line, and then the phone number. Local calls are charged at the rate of $0.50 US every 3 minutes. There will be an automatic charge after 3 rings without answer.

  • International Calls
    Step 1: Dial 9 for an outside line
    Step 2: Dial 00 for international access
    Step 3: Dial the country code, area code and phone number 9-00-###-###-####
    There will be an automatic charge after 8 rings without answer.

  • Calling Cards and Collect Calls
    Please dial 9-121 directly from your room to reach the island operator. The only calling card accepted by the island Operator is the AT&T International Card (starting with 891).

  • Faxes
    Incoming faxes are charged at US$ 0.50 per page.
    For information on rates for outgoing faxes, please contact our Front Desk at ext. 5 or 6.
    The approximate cost for a long distance call to the United States of America is US$ 1.26 per minute. For Information on call rates to other countries, please contact our operator.

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